Badlakan - Handdukar, Mattor och Badrockar i Rent Linne Tillverkat i Italien

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Linen or cotton bath towels produced from the best of Italian textile craftsmanship.

In this section you will find many bath towels such as towels, shower mats and bathrobes made of different material, color and texture, we have chosen for you only the best of Italian textile in quality and beauty.
For every single towel we offer many shades of colors, from the most intense to the most subdued ones to adapt them to any bathroom area you have.

Viadurini bathroom towels have the most important feature, the one that distinguishes us, that is, that they belong to the Made in Italy textile.

For any questions or requests, please contact our Help Desk assistance center, our staff will be more than available to answer all your questions.
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